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Custom Napkins for Restaurant Dispensers from Kinston, NC 

Stand out from the competition with custom paper napkins made with premium raw materials. Best Diamond Packaging L.L.C. supplies remarkable products for your restaurant napkin dispenser in Kinston, NC, and beyond. Our clients include multi-state franchises and small eateries from Maine to Florida and from Ohio to Tennessee. When you need napkins that make an impression on your diners, count on us for competitive pricing and quick turnaround times.

Producing top-of-the-line dispenser paper napkins isn’t all that sets us apart. Our minority-owned company proudly supports a culture of fairness, opportunity, and inclusion in the workforce at all levels of our operation. We strive to ensure that our own production and marketing teams reflect the diversity of the industry we serve.

Many people have a focus on cleanliness and hygiene that your restaurant can meet with the addition of tabletop napkin dispensers. These handy items are well proven to be useful tools for allowing quick and easy access to as many napkins as a customer needs. It’s much more sanitary to use a dispenser to distribute napkins than handing them out as required or placing them directly on a table. The ones in a dispenser are only touched before use by a staff member that loads the unit. This enables fresh ones to be taken by diners as they require them.

Keeping Supplies Stocked

The mark of a good restaurant is that it’s well-stocked and able to meet all of its customers’ needs. This simple concept applies to more than meals. It also extends to other facilities on the premises. You can address all the requirements of your clientele by always having a full supply of our restaurant toilet paper on hand.

When you place an order with us, you are sure to get the best bathroom tissue available for your business, as well as high-quality napkins. Our attention to quality products will be reflected in your attention to detail and focus on your customers’ comfort when you supply them with our goods.

More Than Just Paper

Many restaurant owners make the mistake of treating their napkins like an afterthought. However, the napkins your customer use every day are an opportunity to reinforce your brand identity and leave a lasting impression. That’s why we provide napkin dispenser refills tailored to your restaurant at an affordable price.

Call us to get started on your custom napkins. We’ll discuss all the details of your order, including the dimensions, color, embossing, and quantity you want. Our products are sold by the case, with 10,000 plain or custom paper napkins per case. Furthermore, we have the capacity to meet virtually any size order on whatever schedule works best for you.

Be sure to take advantage of our custom embossing services to personalize your napkin dispenser refills. Whether you want your logo on your napkins or a different design, we’ll deliver a product that communicates the quality and value of your brand.