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Napkin Suppliers for Quality, Custom Products 

Best Diamond Packaging stands out among napkin suppliers as a different kind of paper products company. Dedicated to manufacturing napkins of the highest quality for our foodservice clients, we use the best raw materials and work quickly to fulfill our orders. From our headquarters in Kingston, NC, we serve large, multi-state restaurant franchises as well as smaller eateries from Maine to Florida and from Ohio to Tennessee. When your establishment needs napkins, we are the company to trust. Reach out to us today to discuss our competitive pricing and quick turnaround times. 

Dispenser Napkins with Decorative Embossing 

At our facility, we decorate your napkins with custom embossing to personalize our well-made products with your logo and design specifications. Your napkins will arrive at your restaurant with the professionally decorated look that communicates the quality and value of your brand. 

But producing top-of-the-line napkins isn’t all that sets our company apart. We recognize that changing demographics have altered the market, and we want to ensure that our own production and marketing teams reflect the diversity of the industry we serve. Our minority-owned company proudly supports a culture of fairness, opportunity, and inclusion in the workforce at all levels of our operation. 

Custom Paper Products with a Standout Look 

We understand that you want napkins that reinforce your brand identity at an affordable price without compromising quality. And that is exactly what we provide. To get started, just call our facility to discuss the details of your order. We’ll review the dimensions, color, and quantity you have in mind, and soon your order will arrive at your location. With our high-performance equipment and custom embossing options, we are confident that you will be satisfied with your purchase. We always make superior customer service our main priority. 

We sell our products by the case, with 10,000 plain or custom paper napkins per case. We have the capacity to meet virtually any size order on whatever schedule works best for you. We look forward to the opportunity to supply your operation’s paper napkins. 

Contact us with any questions or to place an order. We proudly supply foodservice clients from Maine to Florida and from Ohio to Tennessee.